Getting Started

The home page of your school's store will list all items currently available for purchase. If you don't see a particular item, it may no longer be for sale. Items that have limited availability or are sold out may still be listed.

Visitor Sign In

Before you can select an item for purchase, you must sign in. The sign in process will identify you and be used to determine item eligibility, guest ticket purchasing, and qualification for discounts, if any. If you are not able to sign in successfully, please contact your school for further assistance.

*If purchasing items for multiple people, return to any item page and use the Change button to switch to another individual. Then, shop for additional items.

Store Item Eligibility

Not all items may be available to purchase. Some individuals can be restricted based on grade level or privilege status. If the item, such as a ticket, has been purchased previously it may not be available for purchase again.

Item Options

Some items may have options to be selected before adding to your cart. Once the item is purchased, these options can only be changed by contacting your school directly. In addition, items (including guest tickets) may be pre-authorized and options already selected. To make changes, please contact your school.

Shopping Sessions

When selecting items for purchase, keep in mind shopping sessions will automatically expire after 15 minutes of inactivity. If you return later, you will have to sign in again and re-select items. After your purchase is complete, make sure to print your receipt or select the email option prior to leaving the site or before the 15 minute time limit expires.

Shopping Cart

You can remove items added to your cart or continue shopping for additional items. When ready, click the Checkout button to begin the purchase process.

*If purchasing items for multiple people, return to any item page and use the Change button to switch to another individual. Then, shop for additional items.

Convenience Fee

Depending on school settings, there may be a convenience fee added to the total purchase price. This fee offsets credit card processing charges that would otherwise be charged to your school. If you do not wish to pay this fee, please stop your order and purchase the items at your school site.


From the Checkout page, click the Pay with credit card button to enter your payment details. Your email address will be used for the email receipt option after purchase. Remember to complete your purchase before the 15 minute time limit expires. No credit card data is ever collected or stored on this site. We use Stripe to accept and process secure credit card payments.

Purchase Confirmation

Once your purchase is complete you can view a printable receipt or send an email receipt to the address entered on the payment page. Your school will have a record of the items purchased and depending on school settings you may be able to view items in the 5-Star Students app or the school's 5-Star Students webpage. If you require additional information, please contact your school directly.

Credit Card Authorization

In some cases, you may see a $1.00 pending charge on your bank statement. This is a temporary authorization charge from the credit card processor and will ultimately disappear from your statement. More information is available here.